Concrete Services

Cook Concrete specialises in placing concrete for residential homes. We supply and lay concrete for house floors, patios, footpaths, vehicle crossings and driveways. We also offer a place and finish option.

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Natural concrete: Cost-effective and smart option for your home. Plain concrete can look very natural and unobtrusive. Ideal for complimenting the style and design of many new homes.

Coloured concrete: Colour to match or compliment your property can be added to the concrete prior to pouring to give an outstanding finish. Every coloured concrete installation is unique. Ask for our colour range samples to see what's possible.

Exposed aggregate: River stones of choice are used as the concrete aggregate. Then exposed by washing off the top layer of cement.

Overlay: A topping can be laid over the top of old concrete and textured to add colour and life. This process isn't suitable for all surfaces, a consultation would be required to assess suitability.

Imprinted concrete: Imprinting patterns and textures into concrete provides a means to be artistic and unique in the development of your property.

Acid washing: Acid washing is a process that is used prior to sealing the concrete surface.

Concrete sealer: Concrete is sealed to provide a better, brighter colour and an increased resistance to weathering and stains. Sealing the concrete also makes your ongoing maintenance much easier to clean to do due to less stains and surface moss. We also add a non-slip glass bead to the sealer.

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