Q. Why does concrete need expansion joints?
A. We place concrete as a liquid. As it dries, it shrinks so we put the expansion joints in to allow for this movement and also, to cut down the size of each slab so they can expand and contract as weather changes.
Q. Why does some concrete look patchy?
A. The curing of concrete is the chemical reaction of cement lime and water. Therefore, is a natural product that we have little control over.
Q. When can I walk and drive on my new concrete?
A. This depends on weather and temperatures. But around 24 hours to walk. And 7 days to drive a car on a new drive way.
Q. Can we replace our old concrete drive way?
A. Yes, Cook Concrete can recycle all the old concrete and prepare the base, box and form a new concrete driveway in any shape and any colour to compliment your property.

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